Branch Wrap Vs. Canopy Wrap

We typically use two methods to light up trees. Branch wraps include 5mm mini lights wrapped around the main branches and trunk from the ground up into the tree (height can vary due to amount of lights or tree structure). This is common for smaller deciduous trees. Canopy wraps include 5mm, C7, or C9 bulbs […]

Why are your lights better?

We use only the best materials we can find. Commercial grade LED products with lifespans much greater than anything at any big box store. We typically see 5 years without bulbs burning out. And in the event they do, our warranty covers it! For our roof lines, outlines, and pathways we use C9 size bulbs […]

Why would I pay someone to install lights?

We know Christmas lights can be very sentimental. You may have grown up hanging lights every year with your Dad. You may even hang them yourselves most of the time. Why pay a company to hang Christmas lights when you can do it yourself? We hear it often and see it posted every year on […]