Why are your lights better?

We use only the best materials we can find. Commercial grade LED products with lifespans much greater than anything at any big box store. We typically see 5 years without bulbs burning out. And in the event they do, our warranty covers it! For our roof lines, outlines, and pathways we use C9 size bulbs for the biggest and brightest results. The bulbs are installed on custom cut strands. These are made specifically for your home or business. This ensures spacing is consistent on all areas of the structure. It allows the installation year to year to be identical. For larger trees or shrubs, we use C7 size bulbs with different bulb spacing options. For smaller shrubs, we use 5mm style mini lights. We also use commercial grade greenery products including lit and unlit garland as well as wreaths ranging from 2ft to 8ft! We use 27gal heavy duty storage totes for most materials. Our installation, removal, and storage process keeps your materials extremely organized, clean, and allows them to last for years. Simply put, we only use the best we can find. We take pride in keeping your Christmas lights investment in the best shape we possibly can.”

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