Christmas Lights

We simply take the hassle out of Christmas Lights

Our professional service includes installing, removing, and maintaining our displays during the season and storage of all lights and decorations during the rest of the year. Our clients love the hands-off approach and not having to worry about bulbs burning out or dragging the ladders out to get on the roof. We do the work so you can enjoy the Christmas season and focus on what matters most (while having awesome lights on your property!)

We install lights on roof lines, trees, shrubs, window and door outlines, walkways, and more! Choose us for your Christmas lights and never worry about replacing dead bulbs, untangling light strands, sketchy ladders, freezing weather, or mismatched lights again!

What do we use?

  • Commercial Grade Materials – Not Store Bought
  • LED Bulbs – Minimal Power Consumption
  • Custom Cut Wire Strands – Tailored For Your Property
  • Clips That Don’t Damage Your Property

What’s included?

  • Installation/Removal/Storage Of All Materials
  • Maintenance During The Season
  • Custom Color Combinations
  • Full Warranty As Long As We Install/Remove/Store Materials For The Product Lifespan

How’s it work & how do I get it?

Get a quote for the 2024 Christmas season

Please fill out the required information for a free quote! Quotes are emailed and sent by text.

We may contact you if we need more information. Thanks for choosing Light’N Up Ohio for your Christmas Lights!


Christmas Lights Gallery

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Light'N Up Ohio offer exceptional service, quality workmanship, and professionalism. They know this and the Dayton market. Their team installs, removes, store, and maintains lights for their customers. There is not damage to roofs or any other part of a homeowner's home. Like previous reviewers have said, the entire process, from quoting to installation, was simple and easy. I appreciated the ease of working with Todd and his team and the friendliness when they arrived to install. The lights looked great and my family as well as out neighborhood, enjoyed them immensely. Light'n Up Ohio simply outclassed their competitors. With excellent communication they provided the best service and professional products at a reasonable price. Installation was prompt, thorough and respectful of our property.

Kris M

The entire process, from quoting to installation, was simple and easy. I appreciated the ease of working with this company and the friendliness when they arrived to install. My lights look fantastic and we absolutely love them!

Katie D

This is our second Christmas in our home and our 2nd time using Light N Up Ohio and could not be happier, also it is good to see them expanding in our neighborhood and spreading Christmas cheer!

Bryan D