Branch Wrap Vs. Canopy Wrap

We typically use two methods to light up trees. Branch wraps include 5mm mini lights wrapped around the main branches and trunk from the ground up into the tree (height can vary due to amount of lights or tree structure). This is common for smaller deciduous trees. Canopy wraps include 5mm, C7, or C9 bulbs wrapped around the outer branch structure. This is common for evergreens or larger deciduous trees.

This photo shows what a branch wrapped tree looks like. Mini lights are wrapped tightly around major branches from trunk outward.


  • Unique appearance, lights up tree structure
  • Bright, lots of lights
  • Great option for smaller trees or trees with major branch structures


  • Can be time consuming, more expensive
  • Should not be left on long term to not damage tree
  • May not light up the whole tree

This photo shows a canopy wrap on an evergreen tree. C7 24” spaced lights wrapped around the exterior branches of the tree.


  • Lights up whole shape of tree
  • Lights are more random, like ornaments
  • Great option for larger trees or evergreens


  • May not light up branch structure of tree
  • Spacing can vary due to actual branches
  • Can require a lot of lights, not always budget friendly

We use both of these methods each season with excellent results. We typically quote the method we feel would work best for your certain trees. If you have a question on which method you want to go with, we would be happy to chat with you!

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