Why would I pay someone to install lights?

We know Christmas lights can be very sentimental. You may have grown up hanging lights every year with your Dad. You may even hang them yourselves most of the time. Why pay a company to hang Christmas lights when you can do it yourself? We hear it often and see it posted every year on our facebook posts. I can’t believe someone is paying you to hang lights. After doing this for quite a few years, we smile and simply explain our clients love lights, but value their safety and time more than the lights. We take the headache out of Christmas lights for our clients. No more digging totes out of the basement or attic. Struggling with the extension ladder you use twice a year. Untangling the mess of cords and wires only to find out half are burnt out. Running to Lowe’s and picking up mismatched lights that hopefully last most of the season. Having a snow storm hit a couple days before Christmas and now half the lights aren’t working on the most important Eve of the year.

We simply take all of that headache and eliminate it. You get the best parts of having lights. Showing them off to friends and family. Telling the neighbor you have brighter lights than him. The kids in awe of how awesome the house looks. But you don’t have to deal with all of the headaches. Or safety concerns. We deal with the ladders, the cords, the bulbs, the totes, and even the storage. If you have an issue, we take care of it immediately.

Paying us to take care of your lights will guarantee your Christmas experience is a positive one. Plus, your house will look the best it has ever looked!

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